Spare Treats

by Rachel Wygant

Kylee waiting for treatsThere isn’t a week that goes by that Kylee doesn’t do something to make me laugh – and sometimes she even amazes me.

I went to Costco a while back and got a HUGE box of dog treats that Kylee drools over. Grandma has them at her house, so we had to get them at our house. I put a big handful in a bowl and put them on top of the refrigerator, and then I leave the box in the closet in the spare bedroom. Now Kylee did not see me put the treats in the closet, and they have been in there for a few months now.

The other day I’m getting ready for work and Kylee goes into the spare bedroom (which is right by my bathroom). When she doesn’t come back out, I go in there to see what she’s up to, and she’s just sitting at the end of the bed, looking like she’s waiting for something. I go in there thinking a toy is under the bed, or somewhere in the room, and after looking around I find nothing. I got back to getting ready thinking she’s just being odd (which happens all the time).

Again – she doesn’t come out! I go back in there and she’s in the same spot. I look around again, and then I open the closet and she stands up like that is what she was waiting for me to do. Then I think to myself, she smells the treats! I have no idea how she figured out that they were in there, but I put the box down to see if that’s what she wanted, she put her face in there, grabbed a treat and walked away! I laughed to myself – she outsmarted me!

Now it’s her new thing…she goes out to go to the bathroom, or if she’s bored, she will go into the spare bedroom and wait for me to get a treat out of the closet – even though I have given her the same treats from on top of the refrigerator before.

She is a smart one I tell ya.

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