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Master of His Domain

by Bob Hollins

My Javier is independent and not much of a social butterfly. He likes to be alone at times and isn’t afraid to let me know by turning his back and walking out on our conversation. I think it’s his way of saying that as a human, I am boring him. Silly guy. Or maybe it is the deep conversations that bore him. He is wise in life for his years on this world and walks with cocky air of confidence that some people never have. He is master of his domain, although Rocky my dog might not agree with that.

But there are times when Javier acts like a playful and funny kitty, too. He loves to chase the vacuum cleaner around the house. I’m not sure if he is attacking a great adversary or if he thinks it is sucking up all his territory. Strange part is after I clean the cat hair up he insists on putting it back where I cleaned. So it is off to the crate most times when the vacuum comes out.

Sometimes I attach a ball to the vacuum so he will follow it and attack it instead of my heels. After the escapades with the machine I will sit in his chair and he will join me on my shoulder. His chair because he owns everything in the house–I just rent space. I pay his rent by bringing him food and water, giving him his treats when he asks for them, and scratching his belly when he demands it. And for the final payment for living with him I get to clean up after him. I think sometimes a human roommate would be better and less work. Nah, I don’t think so….

I rescued Javier from the Kent County Animal Shelter, but I think he rescued me. If you’re looking for a wonderful companion go there. He’s always there when I feel down and need someone to talk to. His sixth sense kicks in and he comes running to help. Amazing for someone who attack my heels when I vacuum.

One last thing I want to say is that I got two of my best friends in the entire world from the Kent County Animal Shelter. Rocky my dog, and Javier my cat. They get along pretty well—at least until Rocky gets too playful and Javier tells him so. He IS the master, after all.

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