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Rest in Peace, Squeaky Fish

by Erin Reed

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a fin. We recently had a traumatic day in the Reed household. Squeaky Fish (as he is affectionately called) has been Griffin’s favorite toy since he came home with us 2 years ago. Here you can see them getting acquainted when Griffin was a puppy:

They’ve been known to get into mischief (dad’s wallet) together:

Squeaky Fish has been through a lot over the years…

Griffin and Squeaky Fish were playing with dad, one game of tug led to a bit of rough housing and the next thing we know:

DISASTER! What do we do now?
Well, thankfully, Squeaky Fish has a sister. The original Squeaky Fish got left behind at Grandma’s house after a visit so we replaced him for a few weeks until he returned home. She has also been through a lot:

Squeaky Fish is now sitting on top of the dresser. We can’t bring ourselves to throw him away but we can’t let Griffin play with him any more either, that stuffing is too tasty and dangerous. Should we keep original Squeaky Fish for sentimental value, or de-clutter?

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