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Furry-Friend Habits

by Monica Rainey


The first bath we gave our dog Riley turned him into a drowned-rat looking, pitiful pup. With his long, silky fur matted down by the water, you could really see just how tiny he was. He wasn’t crazy about the first time I attempted to blow dry his fur—I’m sure he’d rather have run through the house shaking off and rolling around the carpet instead—but he sat there and accepted it, anxiously, until we got him dry. The second time he wasn’t as timid, and over time he grew accustomed to the hair dryer—and even expected it whenever he was wet: at the lake, coming in from the snow or the rain. You name it.

One cold winter day, I started up the hair dryer and then the next thing I knew the bathroom door was flying open. After recovering from my shock, I looked down to see that Riley had plopped himself down on the bath mat and was eagerly awaiting his turn under the dryer.

Now if he hears the hair dryer power on, he comes running and will sit and wait patiently at my feet for his turn. Do any of your pets have any funny habits?

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